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Recycled fiber plays a leading role in circular economy

as a representative of the industry's circular economy, the recycled chemical fiber industry can not only solve the environmental pollution caused by the waste of polyester, polypropylene fiber and products, realize the recycling of resources, protect the environment, but also reduce energy consumption and reduce China's dependence on international crude oil

in recent years, China's textile industry has developed rapidly, and the waste silk, return silk, waste cloth and so on produced in the production process have increased correspondingly. With the acceleration of the upgrading of the clothing industry, the number of waste textiles eliminated is increasing day by day. On the other hand, China's chemical fiber industry is facing the severe challenge of increasingly depleted oil resources. In this case, the renewable fiber industry, which can turn waste into oil fields, has attracted more and more attention in the industry

current situation: rapid development and remarkable achievements

in recent years, China's recycled fibers have begun to develop continuously in terms of output and quality. "Although China's recycled polyester industry has a development history of more than 30 years, in recent years, China's recycled fiber industry has developed particularly rapidly, and is mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal areas of China. In 2010, China's recycled polyester fiber production capacity reached 6.2 million tons/year." Duanjianguo, chairman of Shandong longfu Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd., said. Not only that, according to shenbinghua, deputy director of the Sales Department of Zhejiang Jiaren new materials Co., Ltd., in 2011, China's renewable polyester fiber production capacity has reached 7million tons, and has become the world's largest renewable polyester fiber country

at present, a number of excellent recycled fiber enterprises in China have also made their own production achievements. For example, Shandong longfu Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd. is now using polyester bottle chips to produce recycled polyester filament POY, DTY, FDY, polyester industrial yarn and other recycled fibers on a large scale. Longfu Huanneng can recycle 100000 tons of plastic bottles a year, equivalent to 150000 tons of oil. Hangzhou Best Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. also uses polyester PET bottle chips as raw materials to produce polyester staple fibers and differentiated fibers, and its products are even exported to the United States, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions; Chen Hao, general manager of Haiyan Haili environmental protection Fiber Co., Ltd., also said that the company has independently researched and developed the recycling technology of waste polyester bottles since 2007, and has successfully developed a series of renewable polyester recycling technology from whole bottle processing to the use of bottle pieces of direct spinning differentiated filament, and has won 5 invention patents and 11 utility model patents

in this case, it is inevitable to expand the application of regenerated fibers. With the development of the industry, recycled products also show an obvious trend of diversification in use, and are still expanding. At present, the varieties of recycled fibers have reached nearly 100, and the scope of application has covered nonwovens, carpets, home textiles, automotive textiles and other fields

bottleneck: the field of cognitive deficiency urgently needs to be broadened

and in the production of recycled fiber, cognitive deficiency has become the most realistic factor hindering the application and development of recycled fiber

Tiancheng has been working in the field of recycled textiles and clothing for more than ten years. It has cooperated with polo, thenorthface, Adidas, Decathlon and other brands, and it is relatively simple to negotiate and cooperate with these brands, because they attach importance to circular economy and are optimistic about recycled fibers. Both governments and consumers abroad attach great importance to the concept of recycling, and these countries have also issued relevant laws and regulations to support the application of recycled products

"Domestic enterprises and consumers need to continue to guide their understanding of recycled textiles. Many enterprises in China only pay attention to costs in business, because the cost of recycled textiles in the market is higher than that of primary textiles, so they generally pay attention to the production of primary textiles. And domestic consumers' understanding of the word" four ball machine "is not enough here. When it comes to regeneration, they think it is black heart cotton. But in reality In the international situation, people are willing to accept the concepts that recycled paper and recycled metal are indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. "

this view of Li Cheng was recognized by zhangfeipeng, general manager of Fujian Baichuan Resource Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd. He said that the application of recycled textiles can enhance the application value of waste materials and reduce the pollution and waste of recycled products, which requires correct guidance

"At present, Baichuan's annual output of recycled fiber is 10000-20000 tons, which is not large compared with its peers, but our investment is actually not large. The umbrella made of our recycled polyester has been brought to Hong Kong, causing a good market response. But who would have thought that this umbrella is made of 4-6 mineral water bottles? Our terminal applications now include clothing and home textiles, which have a wide range of applications and need to be extended to the high-end." Zhang Feipeng said

Li Cheng also said: "the wide range of applications also makes our enterprise profitable now. It should be said that it has advantages over other fibers."

future: build a platform to enhance comprehensive value

the development of recycled fiber cannot be separated from the efforts of enterprises, the recognition of consumers, and the promotion of the industry. In order to improve the cognition of enterprises and consumers on recycled fiber, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, together with influential scientific research institutes, professional colleges and renewable fiber production enterprises in the industry, established a strategic alliance for technological innovation in chemical fiber regeneration and circular economy industry in September last year, jointly paving the way for the development and application of recycled fiber

from the very beginning of the establishment of the alliance, it has made clear its goals and tasks: to undertake the development and promotion of key equipment, common technologies and major cutting-edge technologies in the renewable industry as the starting point to carry out and integrate the recycling and spinning processing application technology innovation system of the industrial technology innovation chain in various application fields, promote the rapid innovation of the industrial chain, consolidate and improve the core competitiveness of the industry, Gradually establish national key laboratories and platforms for renewable chemical fiber industry among alliance members

"We should focus on the research on the classification and identification technology of waste textiles and some spinnable plastics, develop the classification and pretreatment technology of waste textiles, resource technology, renewable spinning and product technology with an accuracy of ± 0.3%, and carry out the basic operation of the hydraulic universal experimental machine of the regeneration system and products, holding the samples in the jaws for certification. We should strive to have a backbone enterprise with a capacity of more than 200000 tons and establish a demonstration base in the park , apply for one national key laboratory, one national science and technology development center, and one provincial science and technology development center. Through years of construction, 15-20 invention patents, more than 100 utility model patents and industry standard items have been issued and implemented. " Lin Shidong said

in terms of application development, the alliance will also regularly organize member enterprises to participate in relevant forums and exhibitions on regeneration, discuss the current development situation of the industry, display the regeneration concept and establish the regeneration brand image, and organize and hold docking and exchange meetings with downstream enterprise users to recommend excellent regeneration enterprises and products; Actively carry out various internal and external exchange activities, and fully absorb the advanced production and management experience of the international recycling industry; Establish an international cooperation platform and carry out full cooperation to promote the development of recycled fiber in application

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