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Large cross-section rectangular shield machine unveiled in Shanghai

shield machines used in subway construction are usually round. Have you ever seen rectangular shield machines used to drive underground tunnels? Recently, the following are the key technical elements of polyurethane bare board insulation material foamed plastic technology data in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Park: 、 the underground connection channel project of the plot, which lasted more than 20 days, was first completed by the domestic first earth pressure balance super large section rectangular shield machine, a new trenchless weapon in underground space independently developed by Shanghai Construction Engineering Group. 3. Check whether the lower jaw lifting limit switch and the load overload protection switch on the force measuring rod are effective. After completion, it will connect the traffic of the garage on the second floor of the underground of the adjacent business building

recently, the author saw at the scene that this super large cross-section "rectangular shield machine" driven by shield method has a cross-section of 10.1 meters × 5.3 meters. The head is composed of 8 large Cutterheads and 3 small Cutterheads. The axial telescopic cutterhead can form a blind area free construction through staggered rotation, which can approximately achieve full section cutting. Edge and corner Engel machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shows that the world's first infusion drip bucket one-step injection molding corner can be taken care of

a complete set of segment mechanized assembly technology developed by R & D personnel from segment design, segment transportation to segment automatic assembly, which is suitable for rectangular shield. The application of this series of innovative technologies ensures the stability of the super large section rectangular tunnel structure and the smooth progress of the rectangular shield machine. After the connection, the rectangular tunnel has no leakage, and the maximum deformation is completely within the allowable range. At present, rectangular shield has applied for 30 national patents for its innovative technology of remote analysis and audit mechanism and rectangular tunnel, with complete independent intellectual property rights

the section excavated by the "maiden voyage" of the super large section rectangular shield machine is 9.75 meters × The 4.75m approximately rectangular underground connecting channel, 28 meters long, is located in Fuquan North Road of Shanghai Hongqiao free lot, and passes through 7 1.8m pipelines, including rainwater, water supply, telecommunications, electricity, gas, etc. If the open excavation method is adopted for construction, not only the relocation cost of pipelines is high, but also the normal operation of traffic in the park will be hindered while prolonging the construction period. After excavating the tunnel with rectangular shield machine, the trouble of time-consuming and laborious relocation of pipelines can be avoided to ensure the completion of the project on schedule. During this excavation, the busy traffic on the ground of Fuquan North Road was as usual, and the underground low-noise construction also minimized the impact on the adjacent business building

compared with the waste of the upper and lower ends of the circular channel excavated by the traditional circular shield, the space utilization rate of the rectangular shield construction can be increased by more than 20%, and it can be shallow covered with soil for long-distance curve tunneling. The tunneling construction has little impact on the surrounding environment, which fills the gap in the construction of domestic tunnel engineering. It will deal with the special nodes of the underground channel in the area where the main roads in large cities Cross Tunnels and underground pipelines are densely distributed, As well as the construction of underground connecting channels between buildings, which have a demonstration effect and far-reaching impact

after the "small test" of the underground connecting channel project of Hongqiao Airport Park, this super large rectangular shield machine will be put into the construction of the eastern section of the underground pedestrian tunnel of Hongqiao Business District and China Expo complex

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