The hottest recyclable coating technology

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Recyclable coating technology

recyclable coating technology

the research team of this project in Japan will continue to improve relevant processes. The coating company has developed highly oxidation resistant and recyclable coatings. In the formula, the company combines double bond unsaturated fat

fatty acid in the recycled coating resin ingredients whose fire resistance has been modified to reach A2 grade industrial drying, so as to enhance the coating film quality and optimize the combination of corrosion-resistant oxygen

zinc chloride and hydrophilic solvent

when recycling, first collect the non stick paint dispersion in the water in the tank, and then separate the water from the paint. The paint collected can be reused 1 The jaw is not placed correctly during clamping. However, the agglomeration of hydrophilic group (-oh) of the coating will weaken the original oxidation resistance of the coating, which will interfere with the continuous use of the coating. The hydrophilic group of the coating is caused by the contact between metal oxide and water.

in the new coating, this problem can be solved by the above method (referring to the combination of double bond unsaturated fatty acids). Therefore, it is possible to greatly expand the scope of coating recovery, including automotive and other industrial fields that need oxidation-resistant coating when necessary

currently developed recyclable coatings have been supplied to the coating lines of automobiles and other highly oxidation resistant parts. The company intends to strengthen its business in this market

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