The hottest recycling plastic waste in Hungary

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Hungary recycles plastic waste

Hungary has recently developed a new technology to convert chemical plastic waste so that the upper and lower jaws cannot be concentric into industrial raw materials and reused, which is exactly different, thus changing the previous practice of casually discarding or incinerating these wastes

with this technology, chemical plastic waste can be processed into a new type of synthetic material, which can be used in road construction after being mixed with asphalt in proportion, increasing the hardness of the road surface and reducing the appearance of rolling marks; It can also be made into heat insulation materials and widely used in the construction field

scientists believe that since the technology turns plastic waste into new industrial raw materials every 3-6 months, it is not only of great significance in environmental protection, but also can reduce people's use of primary energy such as oil and natural gas and save energy. At present, this technology has been recognized by the European Patent Office

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