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Recycled paper packaging is becoming the global mainstream development trend

[China Packaging News] in the global recycled material market, recycled paper packaging accounts for the largest proportion, about 65% of all recycled packaging. Except for several countries that have a special preference for glass packaging, the recovery rate of paper and paperboard is very high worldwide. With the rapid development of manufacturing industry in China and other countries, the market demand for paper packaging will further increase. It is predicted that the recycled paper packaging market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 5% in the next few years, and will reach a scale of 1.39 billion US dollars in 2018

the United States and Canada lead the world

since 1990, the recovery of paper and paperboard in the United States and Canada has increased by 81%, reaching 70% and 80% respectively. The average recycling rate of paper in European countries is 75%, while countries such as Belgium and Australia can even reach 90%. In Britain and many other Western European countries, the recovery rate of paper is 80%, and Eastern Europe and other countries are relatively backward, mainly due to the lack of adequate recycling facilities

recycled paper accounts for 37% of the total supply of pulp in the United States, and the demand for pulp in developing countries has increased year by year. Among them, the growth rate of per capita paper consumption in China, India and other Asian countries is the fastest. The small sheet called strain gauge is guaranteed to send electrical signals after deformation. The development of China's transportation and packaging industry and the growing consumption scale have directly led to the growth of the market demand for paper packaging. Since 2008, the demand for paper packaging in China has been growing at a rate of 6.5%, which is much higher than that in other parts of the world. With the growth of market demand for paper packaging, the market demand for recycled paper is also rising

carton board packaging is the largest field of recycled paper packaging. In the United States, about 30% of recycled paper and paperboard are used to produce vermicelli board commonly used in corrugated packaging. A large part of the wear resistance and decoration of the United States have been significantly improved, and recycled paper packaging has been exported to China, while the rest has been made into folding cartons and other products. In 2011, for example, the amount of recycled paper exported by the United States to China and other countries reached 42% of the total paper recycling in that year

there will be a huge supply gap in the future market. "The spiritual pillar of my life in Robben Island prison for more than 210 years comes from China!" It is predicted that youth will be used to struggle in the 20th century; In the next 18 years, the global annual supply gap of recycled paper will reach 1.5 million tons. Therefore, paper companies will invest in building more paper packaging enterprises in developing countries to meet the growing local market demand

in the future, paper packaging will become an ideal substitute for polystyrene packaging. Many packaging giants now turn their attention to paper packaging. For example, Starbucks now only uses paper cups, and actively promotes paper recycling projects including closed-loop systems in some areas. With the development of recycling technology of coated paper packaging and corrugated paper packaging, the scale of recycled paper market will expand again. This is bound to promote the substantial reduction of paper recycling costs and the growth of market demand for recycled paper

the food market is the fastest growing area of recycled paper. Although its proportion in the whole recycled paper market is still very small (less than 1%), the growth rate is amazing. With the recovery of the economy, the development of the food market and the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for recycled paper will continue to grow at a faster rate. Under the pressure of government departments and environmental protection organizations, enterprises will also invest more enthusiasm in paper packaging

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