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Recycled paper will be used to make notebook computers

when choosing a notebook, consumers will pay attention to the material of the notebook shell. At present, we have seen notebook cases made of wood, bamboo, carbon fiber or glass. Recently, some media said that there is a new plastic alternative to using recycled paper to make notebook shell

new things are often the most eye-catching, especially with the seal of environmental protection. This technology, called paper PP Alloy, was designed by PEGA company. PEGA company announced that consumers will soon see more commercial applications of this paper composite material for reversing our schedule and wall charts. This technology is based on paper, and its purpose is to design sufficiently strong, tough and environmentally friendly composite materials to reasonably replace those plastics that should have used paper, so it is theoretically easier to recycle

this material is composed of recycled paper and polypropylene, which can be molded by injection molding. However, some commentators pointed out that it is difficult to separate polypropylene from paper fibers for recycling. It can't be expressed by breaking force (n) or tensile strength (MPA). This new technology is really a gimmick

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