The hottest rectangular PET bottle brings a new re

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Rectangular PET bottles bring a new revolution in packaging technology

this is why engineers today believe that the design is based on the bending test Nomex fiber of DuPont cemented carbide. 1. Graham Packaging, an American manufacturer, has launched a new rectangular pet hot charging bottle. According to the company, the new shape of bottles can enable suppliers to load 100 more bottles on 4048 inch pallets, helping to achieve more efficient shipping. Toshi kojitani, head of PET bottle production line, pointed out that the weight, width and weight of this new 64 ounce rectangular bottle are the same as those of round bottles, but the cubic efficiency is 25% more, which can save retailers an average of 20% of shelf space. "Rectangular bottles provide significant advantages for all concerned, juice bottlers, retailers and consumers."

new bottles are mass produced under the old orchard brand for packaging a range of fruit juice products. The company's suppliers will save 20% of the space, which means that they can store 10 rectangular bottles in the space where they used to store 8 wine bottles. The benefit for retailers is that the bottle is very clean and easy to watch, which can better display the product, because the whole package label is obvious. The reason why consumers like it is that it is very balanced, easy to grasp and suitable for the internal structure of the refrigerator

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