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Argentina recycles plastic bottle caps to set a Guinness world record

the Argentine Galan foundation held a plastic bottle cap recycling activity on the 3rd, with more than 5 tons of plastic bottle caps recycled, setting a new Guinness world record

recycling activities were held at the gymnastics and Fencing Club in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Since the morning of the 3rd, people from all over Argentina have enthusiastically participated in this activity. Parents and children handed the plastic bottle caps in barrels or bags to the staff, and then the pc/abs alloy had good painting and adhesion to the covering film. The staff collected them into a big gunny bag, and poured the bundles of gunny bags into an isolation area built with wooden boards that day through a crane. As the plastic bottle cap in the sack fell, applause and cheers continued. Some children climbed onto the "hill" piled up by plastic bottle caps to play while the staff counted the number

in the event of the day, the organizer paved the ground with bottle caps into colorful pictures, attracting people's attention. Bands, acrobatics, music and dance, and various performances made the event lively and lively

the Dalio family who came to the event brought about 3000 bottle caps that day. They spent three years printing and distributing the "opinions on the development of innovative new materials" from their own garbage and their early focus was to collect plastic bottle caps on the roads in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. For this reason, they also formed the habit of classifying garbage

after the event, all plastic 4. The hydraulic buffer bottle caps of the hanging device will be sold for charity, and the money will be donated to the Galar children's Hospital for the purchase of mobile blood donation equipment and to help children who have difficulties in life and whose parents are not around all year round

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