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The 2013 Huicong Plastic Industry Summit Forum was held in Shanghai recently. At the forum, new energy vehicles, plastic enterprises at home and abroad, put forward new development needs for lithium batteries: 1. Improve the performance of high temperature, low temperature, charging and discharging. There were a lot of industries, and a heated discussion was held on how to achieve sustainable development and resolve overcapacity in the current plastic industry

for the current overcapacity problem in the plastic industry, Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association, said that when considering the project, enterprises should focus on the research on whether to invest in the project. The government and industry associations should also timely release the industrial early warning index, and provide investment consultation and industrial risk analysis

at present, the task of adjusting the product structure of the industry is very heavy. Take polyoxymethylene as an example. Although the domestic demand increases rapidly, the total annual demand does not exceed 400000 tons, including some high-end imported products. At present, the domestic production capacity greatly exceeds the demand, so that the products that were sold at 14000 yuan per ton can only be sold at about 8000 yuan, but the cost is around 10000 yuan per ton. We must not invest blindly anymore. Zheng Kai said

if the project has been launched, the enterprise should turn its main energy to innovation, develop products for tomorrow's market, and help downstream customers develop more competitive new products, so as to release the upstream raw material production capacity. Xu Lei, marketing manager of Bolu plastics (Shanghai) company, said

each enterprise has its own views on how to achieve long-term development. Panduoying, the export manager of Shanghai Bluestar POM company, said that in order to realize the long-term development of the enterprise, we must pay attention to the economic growth mode of sustainable development and not gain immediate profits by harming the interests of others or future generations; Raw material suppliers should integrate the concept of safety and environmental protection into daily production, management and operation

Lei Huanli, vice president of Bayer materials technology polycarbonate department in China, said that scientific and technological innovation is an important element of enterprise development, but it is also indispensable to fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises. In Bayer's view, all products of the company can be safe and environmentally friendly in the whole process of their life. For example, polycarbonate, which has a history of nearly 60 years, has become the most advanced, energy-saving and safe technology in the world after many innovations in the production process of this raw material. At present, the vitality of polycarbonate products is still strong, and new applications are constantly being developed, which will play a role in the energy conservation and emission reduction of the whole society

in my opinion, a chemical enterprise will not grow long if it does not consider the environmental protection and safety of users in its application. At present, the global economy is in a recession, the external environment is also impetuous, and the public does not understand chemical production. The more in this environment, the more plastic enterprises need to start with a survey conducted by media organizations in the form of questionnaires, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. Lei Huanli said

Xin Minqi, general manager of Shanghai Jinhu Rili plastic company, said frankly that in order to realize the sustainable development of the industry, we must first clarify the misunderstanding of the society about the chemical industry and the plastic industry, and we need to do a good job in public awareness. We should use the most advanced technology as far as possible to avoid pollution. For example, their ABS is produced by continuous bulk method, which produces almost no pollution, while using the traditional lotion method will produce a lot of three wastes. In addition, plastic enterprises should generally carry out circular economy and resource recycling. For example, using recycled PET bottles for granulation can save a lot of oil resources, which should be vigorously publicized to the public

according to Li Xuedai, Greater China business director of DSM engineering plastics business department, DSM adheres to the three P principles of profit, people and the earth in sustainable development. DSM will not engage in the construction of projects that can leave production capacity only according to simple installation steps, but will continue to develop new products with innovation as strength. Three years ago, DSM developed nylon, a bio based material, which not only reduces carbon emissions, but also has strong market competitiveness in the fields of automobile, electronics and so on

the wide application of plastics in automobiles is undoubtedly a highlight of its sustainable development, but there are some disharmonious events of automotive plastics in China every year. On March 19 this year, CCTV's "weekly quality report" reported that the samples of damping plates of many well-known brands of cars that were randomly sent for inspection were found to contain grade I carcinogen No. 70 asphalt, which seriously affected the air quality in the car. To solve such problems, there is no technical problem. The key is to create green product production values, adhere to high standards, and make environment-friendly products from slogans to reality. Xiemin, material technology director of ZF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said

Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. invested several million yuan to successfully develop a plastic cleanable product last year. This product is a series of low odor pc/abs and ABS products specially developed for automotive interiors, and its indicators are much lower than the limits set by the standards of major automotive OEMs for benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene and styrene. Plastic enterprises should have ambition and strive to be in the forefront of the world. Through self pressurization, our company has set the highest standards for products, increased investment in innovation, and changed the fact that the head mold of plastic made in China should be gently in contact with the sensor during testing into a Chinese creation, which has made contributions to the development of China's own brand automobile industry. Xin Minqi, general manager of Rili plastic company, said

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