The hottest plastic credit card will be invisible

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will plastic credit cards be "invisible" in the future

plastic credit cards will disappear, and people will pay by "brushing" their fingerprints, faces or eyes

this is not wishful thinking. In the future, technology will enable you to realize "invisible" payment. This is also the view of Amer Saeed, CEO of "Barclay card"

plastic credit cards will die out completely

the BBC quoted Amer Saeed on the 4th as saying that plastic credit cards will die out completely in the future

the reason why Saeed's view is valued is that "Barclay card" is the "ancestor" of British credit card. The first credit card issued to British consumers is called "Barclay card", which was launched by Barclays Bank, the largest credit card lender in Britain, on June 29th, 1966. At that time, the company put the card in the envelope and sent it to nearly 1million households as an advertising email. The price of each bag had to rise by at least 0.5 yuan. These families may not realize that they have been involved in a revolution - the use of credit cards

now, the person in charge of "Barclay card" said that plastic credit cards will withdraw from the stage of history, "people will enjoy the seamless experience of shuttle shopping between Internet, applications (APPs) and physical stores."

since the advent of Barclay card in 1966, the user group of credit card has been growing since the end of the cable experiment. But the basic procedure of payment has not changed all the time. Either give the credit card to the cashier or input the number of the card into the machine. All this means the necessity of credit cards, but Saeed said plastic credit cards will be replaced by wearable devices

the new payment method has many advantages

Saeed demonstrated a ring, a bracelet and a key chain. Their common feature is that they are equipped with chips, and the cashier can collect money accordingly

Saeed said that this was just a "transition". Finally, people use biotechnology to make "brush" eyes, "brush" face "and" brush "fingerprint payment a reality

then, how long can it be achieved? According to Saeed, although cash, checks and credit cards will still be payment options, these new payment methods will occupy an increasing share within 10 years

&emsp responded well; In fact, in recent years, with the advent of the Internet era and the rise of advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing, payment means have begun to develop in a diversified direction

Saeed said that the new payment method has many advantages. Firstly, the transfer will be more convenient. Secondly, it can effectively prevent fraud

of course, for some consumers, they may not be willing to take this step, especially for consumers who are alert to large technology companies and hackers. These new payment methods mean that their consumption habits, traces and even privacy may be leaked

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