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By 2015, the annual trading volume will exceed 10million tons and the annual trading volume will exceed 120billion yuan; By 2020, the annual trading volume will exceed 1, and the mechanical testing experiments of right angle fasteners and rotating fasteners will be completed: 4million tons, the annual trading volume will exceed 160billion yuan, the terminal control of spot trading, on-site trading, modification research and development, warehousing and logistics, capital settlement and other links will be completed, and the "intelligent plastic city" will be built... Not long ago, Yuyao municipal Party committee made the decision on further accelerating the transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development of China's plastic city, Officially sounded the clarion call for China to avoid the secondary entrepreneurship of the plastic city with broken brick masonry

after 17 years of development, China plastic city has become the largest professional market for plastic raw materials in China. However, with the continuous rise of the domestic plastic professional market, the rapid expansion of plastic related enterprises outside the city, and the intensification of industry homogenization competition, the first mover advantage of China's plastic city is gradually weakening; The rapid rise of e-commerce, modern logistics, headquarters direct sales and other emerging transaction modes has brought a new impact to the development of China's plastic city

"to solve these problems and promote the plastic city to achieve a higher level of development from a new starting point, transformation, upgrading and development are imminent." The main leaders of Yuyao said. The decision made by Yuyao municipal Party committee has drawn a clear and comprehensive road map for the Second Entrepreneurship of China Plastic City: firmly grasp the opportunity of the provincial government's "Trinity" in the construction of domestic port and shipping logistics service system, and thoroughly implement the development strategy of "combining external expansion with internal transformation, industrial expansion and market promotion", although there are no specific provisions on the fire rating of external thermal insulation materials in the two documents we have to perform, Strengthen the planning of space, industry, form and function, accelerate the pace of development, construction, transformation and upgrading of core areas, and constantly enhance the vitality of development, so as to build China plastic city into a pilot area and agglomeration area of Yuyao's new urban economy

the pace of innovation and development of the plastic city has started. In August this year, Yuyao signed a memorandum of cooperation with the northern Academy of materials science and engineering, which comprehensively launched the establishment of the Yuyao Institute of the Chinese Academy of ordnance materials science and engineering

the "Zhejiang Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone plan" has been fully implemented, and the China Plastic City project has been listed as the key construction project of the "Trinity" port and shipping logistics service system of the provincial government. In the next step, the city will accelerate the development of the plastic city to a composite and multi-functional direction, such as raw material distribution, commodity exhibition and sales, information distribution, e-commerce, industrial clusters, industry city linkage, so that the plastic city can truly become an important plastic raw material trading center in China Plastic Machinery Exhibition Center, information release center, price formation center and capital settlement center ensure the leading position in the national plastic market and the price vane position of the plastic industry

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