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Plastic coated cable and steel pipe manufacturer professional

plastic coated cable and steel pipe manufacturer professional

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plastic coated cable and steel pipe is a new type of high-voltage power cable protective sleeve with special performance, which is obtained by modifying steel pipe base material with other polymer materials. The buried power pipe is mainly used to guide and protect cables when laying underground cables. Urban electricity is transferred from overhead line to underground cable, and its laying methods mainly include pipe laying, cable trench, cable tunnel, etc. Traditionally, steel pipes, cement asbestos pipes and ordinary PVC pipes are used. Among them, the corrosion resistance of steel pipes is poor, which must be specially treated to prevent eddy current, and the price is expensive. The asbestos pipe has to be reinforced with concrete outside due to its low strength. At the same time, the prefabricated concrete bracket is used, which is heavy, inconvenient to transport, difficult to lay the pipe, and because the pipe wall is rough, the joint process is not ideal, which often leads to the distance between the cable working well can not be opened, which increases the investment accordingly; In addition, cable laying 4. The debugging, maintenance and replacement of the direction are not very convenient, and the cable heat dissipation is poor; Asbestos pipes also contain carcinogenic factors, which do not meet environmental requirements

plastic coated cable protective steel pipe is a kind of pipe made of steel pipe and organic high molecular plastic polyethylene, and suitable jaws and bushings are selected. It is made by spraying a layer of polyethylene on the surface of the steel pipe, and then cooling, heating and curing. Then why the performance of the seemingly simple process is so outstanding stems from the composite application of steel pipe and plastic. Polyethylene is not an ordinary plastic material, but an organic polymer plastic. Because of its stable molecular properties, it has good adhesion, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Plastic coated steel pipes include plastic coated cable protection steel pipes. The manufacturing process of cable protection steel pipes is actually the manufacturing process of plastic coated steel pipes. Plastic coated steel pipes also include water supply pipes, fire-fighting pipes, mining pipes, etc. Mining pipes are relatively strict. Generally, some dangerous goods are transported. In addition to the qualified product quality, they also need the certification report of the relevant national institutions before they can be sold

the tightness between the inner coating and the base tube is related to many factors, such as the type of heating equipment, heating mode, fuel type, heating temperature, fineness of plastic powder, additive composition, etc., but the key is surface pretreatment. On the premise that the surface pretreatment meets the standard, the comprehensive index is assessed by adhesion. The adhesion index in China's standard is low, and has been improved (polyethylene coating ≥ 30n/10mm, epoxy resin coating is level 1 ~ 3). This standard is close to developed. However, taking these measures can not completely eliminate the problem of coating falling off. One of the reasons is that galvanized steel pipes and welded steel pipes are heated in the heating furnace. Because there is an extra layer of zinc coating on the surface of galvanized steel pipes, and the zinc coating has a reflective effect on heat, plus the zinc coating improves the surface finish of steel pipes and reduces the absorption of heat, Therefore, the coating effect of plastic coated steel pipe with galvanized steel pipe as the base pipe is not as good as that of plastic coated steel pipe with welded steel pipe as the base pipe

the anti-corrosion of plastic coated steel pipes plays a key role in a project. It plays a decisive role in the quality of the whole project. The service life of the anticorrosive pipeline can reach 5 years, and titanium dioxide pollution events are exposed frequently for 0 years, which requires strict research and invention. Reasonable use. Inner wall anti-corrosion coating: the film applied on the inner wall of the pipe to reduce the corrosion in the pipe, reduce the friction resistance and increase the throughput. Commonly used coatings are amine cured epoxy resin and polyamide epoxy resin. The plastic coated composite steel pipe for water supply becomes an anti-corrosion treatment carried out before use, with a coating thickness of 0 The supplier arrives at the ordering party in time for service 038 ~ 0.2mm. In order to ensure that the coating is firmly bonded to the pipe wall, the inner wall of the pipe must be surface treated. Since the 1970s, it tends to be in the pipe, and the outer wall coating is made of the same material, which is convenient for the coating of the inner and outer walls of the pipe to be carried out at the same time

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