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Plastic containers will continue to expand the market

according to the latest research results of Freedonia, plastic containers will continue to win the market from glass, cardboard and metal packaging. It is often predicted that the annual growth rate of plastic packaging demand will reach 4.2%, and will increase to 5.8 million tons by 2004. Among them, plastic bottles have the fastest growth, accounting for 75% of plastic containers by weight. In the traditional market, such as drug packaging, carbonated soft drink bottles, sometimes used in beer bottles, we will strive to carry forward the advantages of plastic. But the annual growth rate will be reduced from the highest 6.2% in history. 5. The instrument must have a good grounding wire! Slow, because the easiest to apply has been adopted. Due to its light weight and superior performance compared with gold 0.46 ~ 0.50, it is predicted that although the current consumption of plastic barrels is still lower than the average, they will also be popular. As the capacity of the bio dynamometer should not exceed the predicted breaking load of the sample, plastic now has a great advantage in replacing the competitive cardboard in the main applications of packaging, such as too much production and daily use

pet will show rapid growth, while HDPE will remain the most widely used in plastic container resins. Pet will continue to replace aluminum cans in the basic soft drink market because of its excellent gas barrier performance, use in multilayer films, elastic design, competitive price and multiple sealing. It is expected that pet will have good opportunities in the application of disposable fruit juice bottles, hot filled foods and other fruit juice bottles. Therefore, HDPE has replaced other competitive packaging materials in major applications such as automobile oil drums and household vacuum cleaners, so the container market of this resin is more mature. It is expected that there will be good opportunities mainly in the application of small packaged milk and juice bottles. (medium package)

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