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Plastic company developed a new type of all electric blow molding machine

Plastic Company developed a new type of all electric blow molding machine, which integrates a number of advanced technologies to improve circulation services

Plasticac has also recently launched two new series of all electric blow molding machines. The device integrates blow molding line 10 During the operation of the cold and hot shock test box, opening the door of the box may lead to the following adverse consequences: advanced technology of the industry. Pb1e/s model can produce packaging bottles with a capacity of 1 liter, in which the cap guide rail slides horizontally. The blow molding machine is equipped with a 50mm extruder and a set of double heads with a core distance of 120mm. The machine is equipped with a variety of accessories, making it suitable for super high-speed production of high-quality packaging bottles. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with an inspection system, which can eject defective packaging bottles and classify them according to the types of defects found

pb5e/dl as a fully electric blow molding machine, its mold unit is horizontally moving, which is used to produce containers with a capacity of 5 liters. The machine is especially suitable for multi-mode cavity production, which can improve mechanical reliability, minimize friction, reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, so as to minimize operating costs. In fact, pb5e/dl model is one of the five liter blow molding machines with the lowest energy consumption in the market today. The mold of this machine is easy to operate and maintain, and the adjustment is simple, so it can realize rapid production switching. The model on display has an extended die unit travel, is equipped with an 80mm extruder and a three head, and can produce hdpe/pp bottles with a capacity of 1 liter at a speed of about 2300 units per hour. The machine head can ensure strict extrusion control, and through optimization, the color can be changed quickly. The defective products are sent to the granulator, and the final recycled materials are mixed with pure materials and masterbatches and then returned to the production cycle

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