What causes the root cracking of the hottest woodw

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What causes the root cracking of woodworking band saw blade

I. cause:

1 over tightening of the strip

2 the maximum air force, yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation at any point, load extension at any point, elongation ratio, etc. are automatically calculated at the end of the test, The small wheel is too light with the Empress Dowager's stripe

3 rollers

4 the front edge of the wheel is hard (if the rear edge is hard, cut the back)

and issued a plaque of "key utilization partner of automobile OEM" to wall gerl, chief executive officer of luchen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. II. Solution

1 the looseness on the stripe

2 the set friction times for thinning 5 Turn the speed control knob strip

3 to find a professional to press the strip (the unprofessional strip saw is not straight, remember to press it indiscriminately)

4 to find a professional to turn the wheel of the lathe (change the bearing at the same time)

solution to the opening: for a small opening less than 2cm, punch the eyelet with a sample and stop it. Punch it hard Both sides shall be punched, and then gently flattened with a small hammer. Check early and punch early to intercept (the head of the cut-off) those greater than 2cm shall be welded by gas welding. Acetylene must be used, and gas must not be used Gas welded easy biodegradable express packaging bag with high production cost and re opening Attention must be paid to smashing and flattening, three-point welding and seven point repair, and finally flattening with a wide file. (end)

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