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The stable development of exterior wall coating market needs to be adjusted

with the strengthening of consumers' consumption concept of environmental protection, the introduction of a series of policies in China and the continuous improvement of product technology. At present, many regions have realized the advantages of exterior wall coatings in recent years, and will gradually promote the use and popularization of exterior wall coatings, which will have a broader development in the future. There are three important points in the development of exterior wall coatings in 2004: market demand, skill improvement and policy support

analysts in the building materials industry believe that the exterior wall coating market will enter a rapid development stage, and enterprises should make strategic adjustments in response to market demand in a timely manner. There are two main aspects:

first, ensure the safety of exterior wall coating. To avoid personal injury caused by the use of paint products, manufacturers must ensure that the exterior wall paint products launched are safe. It must be recognized that water-based paint is better in environmental protection performance than exterior wall paint. The function of water-based coating cannot reach that of exterior wall coating. The biggest reason for choosing water-based coatings is that water-based coatings are more environmentally friendly

second, the development of enterprises needs to change the service concept. If furniture paint enterprises want to win the market, their service concept must be changed. It is not only necessary to change the skill service to marketing service, but also the profit margin before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization can reach at least 33% service and brand service. At present, the "13th five year plan" veil of home new materials is gradually unveiled, and a trillion feast is waiting to be opened. The furniture factory not only wants to buy products, but also wants to buy services. The coating enterprise needs to assist the designer of the furniture factory in the appearance coating results, but also provide targeted services to assist the furniture factory in brand planning according to the publicity points of the furniture factory products. In the future, if paint enterprises can be the personal "clothing designer" of furniture enterprises, they should also make this set of "clothing"

according to the "China building exterior wall coating market survey report" released by Shangpu consulting, exterior wall coating enterprises must achieve mutual benefit with furniture enterprises to achieve breakthroughs and win the market, and furniture paint enterprises and furniture enterprises must work together to continuously promote industrial development

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