Introduction to the hottest automatic incubator

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Introduction to full-automatic incubator

features of full-automatic incubator:

1. High economic efficiency, more reliable operation with electricity as the main heat source, and coal as the supplementary heat source. Investigate the reason. This machine can use honeycomb briquette, briquette, charcoal, liquefied gas and other fuels, and can also use the method of changing hot water to maintain a constant temperature

2. Not afraid of power failure: automatic control with power and manual monitoring without power. It can operate normally for a long time after power failure

3. Safe and reliable: when heating with a stove, the water in the heater is heated first, and the hot gas and hot water enter the water pan along the rubber tube. The stove and machine are separated, and the machine is safe without peculiar smell. The machine uses high temperature resistant insulating nickel chromium plastic coated heating parts for temperature supply

4. This machine hatches on the top and hatches on the bottom. One machine can be used for multiple purposes

5. Double heating pipe, double humidifying pipe, double switch control heating and humidification

6. Save power. Compared with the original full-automatic incubator, it saves 50% of power, is suitable for household users, and saves investment amount.

the equipment adopts high-strength non-toxic color steel composite board as the box, which is high-temperature resistant. The insulation and chrome plated copper parts are heated and supplied with temperature. The return wing fan and fan are used to stir to make the temperature and humidity in the machine uniform. The ventilation mode is to use the 6 holes at the bottom to enter fresh air, and the exhaust gas is discharged at the top. The stable and reliable egg turning structure, centralized gas supply and humidity, and the double screen intelligent computer digital display control system is more accurate

ventilation mode: natural ventilation and dynamic ventilation. Small ones are mostly plane natural ventilation, and medium and large ones are mostly natural ventilation plus dynamic ventilation. Top blowing type, box wall type on both sides

egg capacity: 88-50000

style: plane type, plane layered type, room type, roadway type

heating mode: electricity and coal. Coal and electricity, gas, biogas, solar energy, geothermal (hot spring), firewood and charcoal, etc

structure: box wall type, integral type, assembled type (combined type)

machine type: incubator, hatching machine, hatching machine, hatching side out type

computer control system: digital display, pointer type

mainly choose price - quality - after-sales of the manufacturer - Transportation -

instructions for the use of the full-automatic incubator

I. operation method of the controller: 300W

1. The full-automatic incubator uses two heating tubes C3 and C5 for heating, and uses two humidification methods: water humidification and electric humidification

2. Turn on C3 C5 water humidification (humidification C3) and electric humidification (humidification C5) when starting up to reduce the preheating time and test the machine quickly

3. When the temperature reaches the set temperature of 37.5 ℃ and the humidity is 60%, you can turn off the heating C3 or turn off the humidification C3. If the

humidity effect cannot be achieved, you can operate with water humidification

4. In the later stage, the humidity requirements are large, and water humidification and electric humidification can be turned on together

5. If C5 can heat normally in summer and reach the incubation temperature, turn off C3. If C5 cannot reach the incubation temperature in winter, turn on C3 and C5 to heat together to reach the temperature required for incubation. There are two humidification methods for water and electricity in normal operation (humidification C3 and humidification C5). If the water humidification (humidification C3) cannot reach the required humidity, you can turn on the electric humidification (humidification C5) for common humidification

6. If one of the heating tubes cannot work normally, you can turn on the other switch, which will not affect the normal incubation

7. Turn off the heating C3 and C5 to reach the Hatching Temperature during the peak period of hatching of all poultry and rare birds (e.g. days) Just turn on, electric humidification (humidification C5) and water humidification (humidification C3). (because the later chicks will release a lot of heat, so as not to affect the hatching due to the high temperature)

8. The vent on the rear wall of the full-automatic incubator does not need to be closed if the temperature reaches the temperature required for normal hatching during the hatching period (such as eggs). If the temperature does not reach the temperature required for normal hatching, you can close one vent. At the hatching stage, all the leather cover vents are opened

when the stove is used for heating, the water pan should be covered with a layer of plastic film. According to the required humidity, open a seam or dig a hole to automatically supply moisture


1. Read the instructions repeatedly before use

2. Check whether the fan is turned on and whether the water basin is filled with water

3. When stopping egg turning, check whether the egg turning motor and the programmed switch of egg turning are available

4. The heater and connector should be firm to prevent scalding managers. When operating inside the box, be sure to unplug the power plug

5. When using the stove temperature, the water pan should be placed with a temperature insulation layer. If the egg pan on the egg rack is not enough, try not to put it near the water pan

6. Note: when the humidity probe is not in use, it is best to take it out of the incubator, keep it dry, strictly prevent dew from hanging, and it is strictly forbidden to drink air from the mouth to test the probe. You can hold the probe with your hand, and use your palm to hold the evaporated humidity to observe the rise

1) technical indicators: the hatching machine can incubate in batches, with 528 eggs (mountain eggs, except the hatching area)

1. temperature display range: 5 ~ 50 ℃. 2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃

3. Humidity display range: 0-99% RH 4. Humidity control accuracy: ± 5% RH

5. Number of output channels: 7 channels (over temperature, temperature control, low temperature, left egg, right egg, humidity control, alarm)

6 Output current: temperature control, low temperature 10A when there is too much oxide skin, others 1a

7. Egg turnover times: 999 times can be recorded at most

8. Egg turning cycle: 0.1 ~ 99.9 hours adjustable (factory set at 1.5 hours)

9. Egg turning time: 1 ~ 255 seconds adjustable (factory set at 180 seconds)

10. Air exchange cycle: 5-999 minutes (adjustable, factory set at 0 hours, no air exchange)

11. Air exchange time: 0-999 seconds (adjustable, factory set at 30 seconds)

12. Measuring line length: about 1.5 meters

(2) working conditions:

1. Working voltage: AC 160V ~ 240V, 50Hz 2. Relative humidity: less than 85%

3. Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

(3) quality requirements: breakthrough progress has been made in the research of temperature, humidity, egg turning time and optical MOF film materials in the screen digital display machine, temperature control, humidity control and egg turning are all automated, and the shell is made of color steel plate structure

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