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Introduction to electromagnetic induction heater

advantages of electromagnetic induction heating ring:

the heating method of plastic processing machinery used in the market at this stage is that the electric heating ring generates heat, which is then transmitted to the barrel. There is heat conduction loss, which leads to the rise of ambient temperature. Only the heat of the inner ring close to the surface of the barrel is transmitted to the barrel, while most of the heat of the outer ring is lost to the air, causing heat loss. The electromagnetic heating technology makes the metal barrel heat itself, and the outside of the barrel is wrapped with thermal insulation materials, which greatly reduces the loss of heat conduction and the loss of heat to the air, improves the thermal efficiency, and avoids the rise of ambient temperature. Therefore, the power saving effect is very significant, which can reach 30% - 75%. Therefore, the electromagnetic heating ring itself does not heat, and it is made of ceramic materials and high-temperature cables, Therefore, there is no problem that the resistance wire of the original electric heating ring oxidizes at high temperature and shortens its service life. It has the advantages of long service life, fast heating rate, no maintenance, etc., reducing maintenance time and cost

installation and commissioning of electromagnetic induction heating ring:

read the true value of the test and make records; The installation and debugging of the is relatively simple: remove the original electric heating ring, wrap a layer of heat insulation material on the heated object, and then put electromagnetic induction on the heated object. The installation is completed by changing the wire originally connected to the electric heating coil to the input line on the electromagnetic heating controller. In order to ensure that the original production process and the original operation procedure remain unchanged after the original equipment is changed to the electromagnetic heating ring, the electromagnetic heating ring has been reduced by about 30% in the design of the performance difference between the two heating methods, and the power adjustment and power protection functions are designed on the electromagnetic heating controller. The progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. So the debugging process is quite simple. Users can debug by themselves according to the instructions

the electromagnetic heating ring has been applied in plastic products, plastic films, pipes, profiles and similar industries, and achieved good results. It has the characteristics of convenient installation and strong interchangeability. At the same time, it also achieved better economic benefits for manufacturers to transform and improve production equipment than before

main features of the product:

1. The electromagnetic induction heating method is adopted. The electromagnetic induction heating ring is installed outside the heated object and heated by the electromagnetic induction body

2. Good power saving effect: compared with the current electric heating ring, the power saving can reach more than 30%

3. Convenient installation: it has circular and semi-circular structures, and an insulating layer is added between the pipe and the coil to further improve the thermal efficiency and insulation effect

4. High power density: a single electromagnetic induction heating ring can replace the original 2-3 electric heating rings

5. The operation cost is low, the maintenance quantity is small, and the product is free of charge. A good enterprise reputation warranty for one year, lifelong maintenance

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