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China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo is a national exhibition approved by the State Council. It is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, the office of revitalizing the northeast and other old industrial bases of the State Council, the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the people's Government of Liaoning Province, CO organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products and other units, and jointly organized by the Shenyang Municipal People's government and the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Liaoning branch and other units. It is held in Shenyang every autumn

with the strong support of relevant national departments and brother provinces and cities (regions), and the active participation of equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo has been held for four consecutive sessions since it was held in 2002, and has achieved great success. The exhibition area of the four exhibitions totaled 186000 square meters, with 8923 booths and 2655 exhibitors. Among them, there are 1006 foreign-invested enterprises and overseas enterprises from 23 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan; The exhibitors include world-famous enterprises and large multinational companies such as Haas and hating of the United States, Siemens and demaji of Germany, Panasonic and Toshiba of Japan, Michelin of France, Daewoo of South Korea, and the professional audience reached 296000 person times. As a large-scale professional exhibition growing up under the background of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo has begun to show the level of a national exhibition, shoulder the responsibility of serving the national equipment manufacturing industry, have caused strong repercussions in the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and have also been fully affirmed and highly praised by relevant national departments. The Expo has become an important window for the world to understand China and China to move towards the world. It plays an important role in promoting the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China and promoting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

equipment manufacturing industry is a basic industry that provides technical equipment for national economic development and national defense construction, and is an important symbol to measure a country's comprehensive competitiveness. Vigorously revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry is an important task put forward by the 16th CPC National Congress. It is a strategic measure to establish and implement the scientific concept of development, take a new road to industrialization, and realize the sustainable development of the national economy. After more than 50 years of development, the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning and Shenyang has made remarkable achievements, formed a complete and high-level industrial system, has a good foundation and advantages for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, and contains huge equipment manufacturing market and business opportunities. The opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry have provided strong policy support for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. With the rapid economic development during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, there is a huge demand for the equipment manufacturing industry. This provides a broad space for development and a rare historical opportunity for the success of the Expo, and also brings huge business opportunities for trade and economic and technological cooperation for exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad

the Fifth China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo is scheduled to be held in Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 29 to September 2, 2006. Guided by the national strategic decision on revitalizing the northeast and accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the Expo will further improve the level of specialization, modernization and internationalization of the exhibition, fully reflect the overall image of the national exhibition, continue to build domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing exhibition platforms, exchange platforms and trade platforms, serve the revitalization of Liaoning Shenyang old industrial base, attract investment and foreign trade, Serve the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry

the 5th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo carried out high-level and high standard overall planning and scheme design around the theme of serving the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China. The target of the 5th China International Manufacturing Expo is 3000 booths, of which overseas enterprises account for no less than 25%. Professional visitors shall not be less than 90000. Six exhibition areas have been set up according to the principle of professional exhibition, which will focus on the equipment manufacturing products representing the international advanced level. The exhibits mainly include: CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, metal processing measurement technology institutions at all levels, while carrying out measurement service guarantee, machinery, machine tool parts, general equipment, special equipment, industrial automation, electric power, electrician, engineering machinery and equipment, etc. During the exhibition, in addition to product exhibition and trade negotiation, a variety of related activities will be carried out. The fifth Manufacturing Expo will present the following characteristics:

first, it reflects the theme of serving the revitalization of old industrial bases such as northeast China. In terms of the exhibition theme, exhibition objects and the arrangement of various activities, we will closely focus on the theme of serving the revitalization of the old industrial base, and arrange economic and trade activities in combination with the requirements of technological innovation and structural adjustment of the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the basic industrial equipment and sophisticated modern processing equipment of well-known enterprises at home and abroad

the second is to hold the exhibition of national major equipment achievements during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Closely focus on the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee and the No. 8 document of the State Council, put the revitalization of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in an important position, and summarize the development achievements of the equipment manufacturing industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period around the brilliant achievements of the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period and the grand blueprint of the eleventh five year plan

third, the exhibition will continue to implement a market-oriented operation mechanism. The exhibition work is entrusted to Shenyang Zhenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. to take the road of market-oriented operation of the exhibition. Under the macro guidance of the organizing committee, the Expo will improve the level of commercial operation and make the exhibition more dynamic and vitality

fourth, further improve the internationalization of the exhibition. We should pay more attention to the integration with the international market and turn the target of exhibition recruitment to overseas key enterprises and products. Hall f is set as an international comprehensive exhibition area, forming an exhibition area dominated by enterprises from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Czech Republic and other countries. It is expected that the world-famous enterprises and overseas professionals participating in this Expo will exceed the previous one, and the degree of internationalization will be greatly improved

fifth, the exhibition will take new steps towards specialization. Highlight key enterprises and key products in the equipment manufacturing industry. Exhibits such as robots, CNC machine tools, super large transformers, gas turbines, etc. are all leading in China, and some have reached the international level. The layout of the exhibition hall also highlights professionalism and modernity. While large-scale equipment is displayed, dynamic operation demonstrations will be carried out to make the characteristics of the whole exhibition more distinctive, the theme more prominent, more pragmatic and more effective

sixth, highlight and promote Chinese independent brands and high-tech products. With the support of scientific and technological progress, vigorously improving the independent innovation ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises has been promoted to the strategic height of national economic development. The future development of China's manufacturing industry must rely on independent innovation and take the road of creation. The Expo will mainly publicize and report Chinese independent brands and high-tech products in relevant media, support Chinese made brands, and establish the image of Chinese equipment

the preparations for the Fifth International Exhibition Industry Expo are being fully implemented, and the recruitment work is progressing smoothly. At present, 1533 reserved booths have been accepted, accounting for 51% of the total number of planned booths; There are 723 booths for foreign-invested enterprises and overseas enterprises, accounting for 47% of the scheduled number of booths

this year is the first year of China's "Eleventh Five Year Plan". According to the spirit of Document No. 8 of the State Council, the Expo should give full play to the role of the exhibition as a bridge, create a good open environment and build a platform for cooperation and exchange for the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises, distribution agents and industry insiders to participate in this Expo, and set up separate exhibition areas for countries or regions willing to display manufacturing products. We sincerely invite domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers' chambers of Commerce, associations and domestic and foreign cooperatives to join this Expo, which will increase the difficulty of construction. We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the State Council, with the strong support of national ministries and commissions, and the active participation of advanced equipment researchers at home and abroad who have been trying to design better materials and equipment manufacturing enterprises, the China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo will move to a higher level and achieve greater success

Liaoning people are warm and simple, and they are trustworthy partners. In accordance with international practice, we will provide good services for exhibitors and insiders, carefully implement various preparations, and turn the 5th ICIF into an international event with modern consciousness, spirit of the times, high level and influence. Welcome friends at home and abroad to Liaoning to participate, cooperate and be guests, and achieve fruitful results in the Manufacturing Expo full of business opportunities

on the occasion of the fifth Manufacturing Expo, Shenyang will become a city attracting the attention of the world's equipment manufacturing industry and business elites and professionals. We are looking forward to your arrival

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