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Introduction to bar code printing technology

as long as you master the coding rules and bar code standards, it is not difficult to express the required data with bar codes. However, how to print it? This involves printing technology. We know that the width of bars and spaces in bar code symbols contains information, so there are strict requirements in the printing process of bar code symbols, such as width tolerance, anti-9 sand emissivity, contrast and edge roughness of bars and spaces. Therefore, appropriate printing technology and equipment must be selected according to printing standards to ensure that bar codes that meet specifications are printed. Bar code printing technology is the main component of the bar code technology mold when not in use. Because the printing quality of bar code symbols directly affects the recognition effect and the performance of the whole system

the main research contents of bar code printing technology institute are: production technology, printing technology, development of various special coding machines and printing systems, and how to correctly select corresponding technologies and equipment according to bar code standards and printing batch size. According to different needs, printing equipment can be roughly divided into three types: equipment suitable for mass printing of bar code symbols "; Special machine suitable for small batch printing; Flexible and convenient on-site special code printer, etc. Among them, there are not only traditional printing technology, but also modern production, plate making technology, laser, electromagnetic, thermal technology and other technologies

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