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Introduction to digital TV and set-top box

I. what is digital TV

digital TV is to provide satellite TV transmission and digital TV program services by using digital communication means, so as to bring users a digital TV channel service integrating high-quality image quality and characteristic service content

second, what is the difference between digital TV and analog TV

the digital TV programs output by the set-top box no longer have the interference signals such as "snowflakes" and "twills" often seen in analog TV programs. The TV picture is particularly clear and lifelike, and the TV picture quality reaches 500 lines.

ordinary analog TV does not solve "the TV is good-looking "And the digital TV output from the set-top box fundamentally solves this problem. Digital TV makes the selection of TV programs wider and the content more colorful. It can independently select channels and change programs at any time according to users' different tastes and needs.

ordinary TV transmits through analog signals, and watching TV is" passive "Yes, and the digital TV transmitted by the set-top box adopts full digital encryption and transmission technology. Only authorized users can actively watch all kinds of updated, faster and high-quality TV programs.

Third, what is the set-top box?

the cable TV set-top box is a network computer. The set-top box contains CPU, memory, modem, decoder, tuner and other hardware, as well as operating system and application software, Receive the digital TV signal transmitted in the cable TV network, and display the program on the TV after the signal is processed. Using different applications, Set top box is an "information appliance" with dual functions of computing and television. It is very flexible and convenient to operate through the remote control. Anyone can easily use it. Set top box is a terminal product, and it needs the corresponding "front end" "The broadcasting system provides program signals.

cable TV set-top box, which receives cable TV digital signals. At present, many domestic cable TV stations have begun to use this kind of set-top box to provide digital TV services. This service is the development direction of China's Radio and television industry towards market-oriented management. The State Administration of radio, film and television has formulated the technical standards of cable TV set-top box and established the Federation of cable TV set-top box manufacturers The alliance can predict that the accessories of cable TV set-top boxes will quickly enter people's homes in China in the next two to three years

the "Shitong" tbs--300 set-top box we use has obtained the cable TV entry license issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television

IV. the difference between set-top box signal and ordinary TV signal

generally speaking, the TV signal output by VCD machine is about 250 lines, and the cable TV signal is about 400 lines first (it may be lower in places with poor transmission conditions). The TV signal output by set-top box exceeds 500 lines, because the digital signal is not lost in the transmission process, so the signal quality is particularly clear and realistic when watching TV programs through set-top box

v. comparison between set-top box and computer

set-top box is also a computer. It calls applications to complete the operation of various functions on the basis of the operating system. It acts as a display terminal in the TV, rather than using a color display like a computer. Therefore, when you add applications used by set-top boxes, the functions of set-top boxes will increase accordingly, and the upgrading and expansion of set-top box functions will become easier, which can be upgraded remotely

VI. how does STB movie on demand come true

set top box movie on demand has two modes. One is "real-time on demand", which sends personal on-demand request information to the digital broadcasting room of the TV station through two-way transmission of the line or cable TV network. Dozens of movies are saved in the video server of the room for users to order at any time. Only on-demand users can enjoy the movie, which meets the "personalized" demand service. The other is "sharing on demand", which provides a daily schedule for the "opening" of movies on demand. As long as you are on demand, you can enjoy movies from scratch when it is time to start. "Sharing on demand" is watched by many people at the same time, so it is economical

film on demand can be charged according to the film in the list of small scattered pollution enterprises, or it can be charged on a monthly basis, and the cost is very low

VII. How to charge the b0.21 TV program of set-top box

there are many set-top box digital TV service items, and users can choose to open different service functions according to their own needs. Most of the service items are free for users. Each user has a "user number", which is unique and corresponds to the user name. Each set-top box is equipped with an IC card, and the service function selected by the user is set on the IC card

the billing computer in the digital TV broadcasting room can record the functions selected by each user, most of which are paid monthly, and the cost is very low

VIII. The difference between cable TV audio-visual maintenance fee and digital TV service fee

in China, watching TV programs is a kind of social welfare. Cable TV users pay "audio-visual maintenance fee", which is used to maintain the normal transmission signal use of cable TV network. At home and abroad, watching TV programs is to pay, and foreign cable TV is pay TV. Digital TV service is similar to foreign pay TV. The principle of "paid service" is a reform measure for China's Radio and television industry to move towards market-oriented management

IX. development of set-top boxes

after years of technical demonstration and product development, cable TV set-top boxes finally began mass production in 2000 and began to be applied in large and medium-sized cities around the country. At present, the cities that have been applied include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xinxiang, Chongqing, Nanning, Chengdu, Daqing, Fuzhou, Foshan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, etc, Due to the reform of the radio and television industry and the deepening of marketization, in 2001, more cities will begin to use the digital TV services provided by cable TV set-top boxes. It is estimated that more than 80% of urban residents in large and medium-sized cities will use set-top boxes in their homes within five years. Cable TV set-top boxes have brought new changes to people's regular activities such as "watching TV", "speculating in stocks", "checking information" and "paying fees". From the consumption mode, personalized needs, to the quality of appreciation, they have been comprehensively improved. From the leap in the quality of life brought by cable TV set-top boxes, people have deeply experienced the beautiful changes of the network era. Cable TV set-top boxes enjoy a better life. (end)

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