Functional film with fruit preservation function

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Functional film with fruit preservation function

1 Ethylene gas adsorption film:

this film has good adsorption of ethylene gas, a plant hormone produced during the respiration of green fruits. At the same time, more than 50 companies in the EU are promoting the R & D, industrialization and utilization of graphene. The plastic film itself has a certain role in preventing water evaporation, which can extend the fresh-keeping period of green fruits. Suitable green fruits: tomatoes, spinach, leeks, etc. One of the main materials is PE stretch film. One kind is Valley stone, zeolite and calcite. It has CA effect (refers to the method of controlling gas to inhibit the respiration of green fruits, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation). Prevent over ripening, fog and dew

2. Anti condensation and anti fogging film:

this is a thin copolymer of this kind (PLGA) which is coated with anti fogging agents such as food additive grade fatty acid esters on plastic film. It is mainly used to produce bioabsorbable medical materials and develop controlled-release preparation films for injection. You can also add the surfactant into the plastic and blow the film after it is fully mixed. This film will not form water droplets or fog on the plastic film due to the evaporation of the packaged fruits and bodies, so it can prevent the fruits and vegetables from withering due to water loss. The antifogging surfactants added include: natural polysaccharide protein, oil, natural wax, sterilization, mildew inhibitor and ethylene gas regulator. It can be used for citrus, eggs, vegetables and grapes

3. Simple CA effect

this kind of film is still used more in China. For example, the preservation of garlic sprouts is to use the gas absorbent to adjust the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in it, so as to delay aging

4. Antibacterial habit inner film:

is a silver zeolite film. Silver ions diffuse like in the packaging bag, even if only ppm has a good bactericidal effect. So as to achieve the fresh-keeping effect of preventing bacterial corruption and deterioration. We know that in the late storage period of fruit and vegetable products, fruit and vegetable decay caused by bacterial infection accounts for a large proportion. So antibacterial sterilization is very important. "

packaging technology

is to use the gas in the air to remove O2 and CO2 through a set of treatment device, and become N2 gas with purity of more than 99.9% into the gas replacement packaging machine to ensure

6. Others:

If adding ceramics can produce infrared ray, it is that the green fruit cells can be activated and have the effect of sterilization.

source: Food Forum

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