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Function of double column vertical lathe

1 Double column vertical lathe is suitable for machining in various industries, and can be used for cylindrical surface Conical surface End face Notch Rough cutting, etc Finish turning. Remove the sample and repeat step 2

2 The workbench adopts hydrostatic guide rail, and the radial direction of the main shaft adopts high-precision NN30 type (Class D) bearings, with high rotation accuracy and large bearing capacity

3. The gear box adopts 40 chrome grinding gear, with high precision and low noise. The speed change of the double column vertical car adopts the electronic encoder to drive the test software under the Windows XP operating system, and the speed change of the pneumatic solenoid valve is reliable. Hydraulic parts and electrical parts are all products of famous domestic manufacturers, with high reliability

4. The sliding surface of the guide rail is treated by sticking plastic to improve the wear resistance. The guide rail lubrication adopts centralized supply, which is very convenient. Grating digital display device is equipped as standard

5. Machine tool castings adopt high quality EPC resin sand casting process, and the casting quality is high The durable pin plate friction and wear tester is a proprietary product independently developed and designed by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd The bed is guaranteed for 5 years

source: Wuhu Wuhong Machine Tool Co., Ltd

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