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Functions of several safety devices on printing machines

automatic printing machines, whether offset or gravure printing machines, installing safety devices is essential. Setting safety devices for printing machines plays a very important role in effectively avoiding all kinds of accidents, ensuring the safety of production personnel and equipment, and ensuring product quality. The safety devices and functions of modern printing machines usually include the following:

1. The function of inching buttons. It should be said that the jog button also belongs to the safety device of the machine. Inching the machine can facilitate the operation and adjustment in the production process. On the other hand, because the movement of the machine is in the "inching" state, it is conducive to ensuring safe operation. The main function of the jog button is to change and install the version; Cleaning of the layout and blanket in the middle of printing 2) working voltage: mains power 210 ⑵ 40V, 50Hz 5Hz many paper enterprises have shown that it is due to the rising price of waste paper and the price of base paper; Operation; The elimination of other printing faults and some adjustment and observation of the printing machine require the machine to operate in a jog to ensure safe production

2. Safety function of micro (travel) switch. The paper feeding part, paper receiving mechanism and flywheel of some printing machines are equipped with microswitches to realize linkage with some mechanical parts, so as to play a role in the safety protection of the equipment. For example, when the dt400 four open automatic platform printer, ty401 rotary automatic platform printer and tl2640 two-color rotary printer are abnormal, the printing speed is too fast, and the mechanical load is too heavy (dt400 machine), they can quickly and sensitively realize automatic shutdown

3. Safety function of the lockout switch. Generally, the main and auxiliary operation panels of offset press are equipped with lock switches for safe operation. When the machine is locked, all keys cannot work except the electric bell. Even if the bell is pressed first, the machine still cannot be started, so as to ensure the safety of machine operation, adjustment or repair. Only after the machine is unlocked, press the bell first and then the machine can be started. Some offset printing machines; Combine the bell with the jog key

4. Safety function of safety check bar. The safety bar is one of the safety devices to prevent accidental operation accidents of offset printing machines and some relief printing machines. It is usually installed between the printing plate cylinder and the rubber roll copper; The front gauge of the front edge of the paperboard conveyor; At the paper inlet of the embossing platform and the plate table, the ball screw plays a role in ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. In fact, the safety bar is an obstacle device, such as the safety bar at the drum. When it is in working state, loading, unloading or layout processing will be blocked and difficult to carry out, only; The operation can be carried out only after the safety bar is changed by an angle. As soon as the safety bar angle is changed, the microswitch contact changes, and the machine console cannot directly jog and start the host to ensure the safety of operation. The safety bar of the paper feeding part can prevent foreign matters or multiple sheets from passing through the imprinting device to protect the safety of the equipment

5. Safety function of protective cover. On the outside of the wallboard on both sides of the operation surface and transmission surface of the printing machine; Protective covers are installed at the paper receiving part of the machine, the plate loading table, the chain belt transmission part, the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder, and between the water roller and the ink roller. One of its safety functions is to prevent foreign objects from falling into or people from accidentally touching moving parts, so as to ensure the safety of equipment and people; Secondly, when the machine is operated or adjusted in a certain part, such as installing, changing the version, changing the package lining, and clearing the printing fault, it can be carried out only by opening the protective cover. Once the protective cover is opened, even if the circuit contacts are changed, the inching and start buttons on the console or elsewhere will not work, and the machine will not be able to realize movement, so as to effectively prevent the machine operated by multiple people from misopening the machine due to improper cooperation, resulting in safety accidents

6. Function of empty tension and double tension control devices. The printing machine with automatic paper resuming and the setting of blank sheet and double sheet detectors are important components to ensure the printing quality of products and prevent the damage of machine parts. The empty sheet detection device is generally installed on the front gauge of the printing machine, the paper delivery tooth row, the paperboard conveyor, or adopts the linkage structure of mechanical parts and vacuum air circuit, so that the faults of empty sheet, skew or insufficient paper feeding can be accurately detected. The chain reaction of the relevant moving parts of the machine realizes the pressure release of the stamping machine parts, and completes the functions of reducing the speed or stopping at the same time. The double sheet controller is generally installed on the paper feeding parts. Through the linkage of mechanical parts and electrical appliances, it prevents double sheets or multiple sheets from entering the imprinting mechanism, so as to avoid the damage of machine parts or linings. The automotive interior parts are mainly composed of non-metallic materials

to sum up, correctly understand and master the role of safety devices in printing, and take corresponding measures to maintain and maintain scientifically, that is, these safety devices and their associated components should be carefully inspected at ordinary times. If there are bad conditions of failure and failure, they should be adjusted and handled in time to keep the safety devices on the machine in a safe state at all times. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to remove some safety devices artificially, These have important practical significance for effectively preventing production accidents and ensuring product printing quality and production safety. (end)

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