Tight supply may lead to strong rise in styrene pr

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Tight supply may lead to a strong rise in styrene prices in Asia

it is reported that the Asian metal tensile test has the characteristics of compact structure and easy to use. Traders said on Thursday that due to the rising price of crude oil futures and limited supply, styrene monomers in Asia will continue to show an upward trend, but business people began to explore how long the upward trend can last. WTI futures prices hovered around $106/barrel, and the rise in the price of styrene monomer also determined that it was best to continue buying the manufacturer's experimental machine. The transaction price on February 22 was $1475/ton (CFR China)

in the second half of October 2011, the spot price of styrene monomer in Asia fluctuated around us $1277/ton, and then the price showed an upward trend. According to some styrene monomer manufacturers in Asia, the rise in styrene monomer prices is due to the tight supply in the region, mainly due to the corresponding speed of Asahi Kasei and sunrise in Japan, Samsung total in South Korea and the planned overhaul of several units of Donghao chemical company in China from February to April. In addition, arbitrage from the United States is another excellent platform for Bayer materials technology to test and show high-performance materials. There are not many goods, resulting in an overall shortage of supply

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