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The function and structural characteristics of the book cutter

the book cutter is a cutting equipment specially used to cut the front mouth, crown notch and foot notch of books and periodicals

book cutting is the operation process of cutting paperback books and periodicals into a readable book by cutting off three rough edges in addition to the binding mouth. Three side cutting also includes the cutting of semi-finished hardcover book block and double copy. The purpose of three side cutting is:

(1) to make the book and magazine can realize the adjustment of the beam speed when the sample is clamped, and the size of the book and magazine conforms to the provisions of the national standard gb788 (about the size and format of books and magazines)

(2) easy to read and make books and periodicals have a neat appearance

(3) it is convenient for special books to carry out modeling processing on three cuts

(4) create conditions for the book blocks to be evenly staggered with each other when the hardcover books are rounded

classification of book cutting machine: it is divided into automatic three side book cutting machine and semi-automatic three side book cutting machine according to the input mode of the products to be cut

the structure and composition of the book cutter

is mainly composed of a foot operated mechanism, a book clamping and feeding mechanism, a book pressing mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a book publishing mechanism, etc. The operation principle and structure of the three side book cutting machine produced in China are basically the same. They have high cutting performance, and can cut books, magazines and picture books of 8 ~ 100 Kai, such as hardcover, paperback, horseback binding, etc

there are two cutting forms of three side cutting books: multi Book stacking and single book continuous cutting. Multi book stack cutting is generally used for single machine production, while single book continuous cutting is used for linkage production line

the technological process of cutting books by the three side book cutting machine: first put the book stack to be cut under the tongue depressor of the book gripper 1, automatically compress the book stack, and then send the book stack to the cutting position. When the book stack is compressed by the bookpress 2, the left and right side knives 3 and 4 move downward at the same time. According to the adjusted size, the crown foot of the book is cut, and the side knife starts to rise after cutting. The front knife 131 color coated steel plate uses building sealant 5 to move downward to cut the front mouth of the book. After cutting, the front mouth and the bookpress automatically rise and reset, and the cut book is sent to the conveyor belt by the manipulator of the publishing mechanism

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