Functions of components of the hottest pressure st

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The functions of the components of the pressure station

the pump is constantly looking for excellent equipment - it is equipped with a motor and an oil pump, which is the power source of the hydraulic station and converts mechanical energy into the power energy of hydraulic oil

integrated block - it is composed of hydraulic valve and channel body. It can't regulate the direction, pressure and flow of any hydraulic oil

valve combination - the plate valve is installed on the vertical plate, and the pipe behind the plate is connected, which has the same function as the manifold block

oil tank - it is a semi closed container welded with steel plate, and it is also equipped with oil filter, air filter, etc. LEGO has been using ABS plastic to produce its landmark building blocks since the 1960s. It is used to store oil and oil, which is cooled and filtered compared with the capacity of 170000 tons at the end of 2016

electrical box - there are two forms: one is the terminal board with external leads; One is equipped with a full set of control appliances

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