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As early as more than 100 years ago, Marx pointed out that 100% of profits would make people ignore crimes and trample on all laws; And 300% of the profits, some people will dare to risk beheading. In today's world, the profits from forgery, counterfeiting and piracy are more than 300%. From counterfeiting currencies, credit cards and securities to counterfeiting contracts, certificates, trademarks and famous and high-quality commodities, criminal activities have spread all over the world. Counterfeit and forged products have accounted for 5% of the world's total trade volume, reaching US $100billion to US $200billion. More than 60 countries and regions involved will also greatly increase their export share to emerging countries. Counterfeit and counterfeit products from Southeast Asian countries account for 70% of the world's total

according to experts' analysis, one of the reasons for such rampant counterfeiting is that the manufacturers of famous and high-quality products do not have enough self-protection awareness and do not take corresponding anti-counterfeiting measures. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting technology has not been well popularized and can not meet the needs of the market, which gives counterfeit products an opportunity to take advantage of. According to the current statistics, less than 10% of famous and high-quality products use anti-counterfeiting technology

according to statistics, the world's annual counterfeit products cost the pharmaceutical industry more than 3billion US dollars, the software manufacturers more than 2billion US dollars, and the auto parts manufacturers more than 3billion US dollars. Faced with such rampant counterfeiting activities, the governments of the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Spain, Egypt and other countries have successively passed legislation to mobilize forces from all walks of life to take measures to prevent counterfeiting and crack down on counterfeiting. The market is calling for anti-counterfeiting products and manufacturers are calling for anti-counterfeiting technology

in the past, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology was limited to currency, securities, special industries, etc. In recent years, due to the increasingly serious counterfeits, the use of anti-counterfeiting technology has been paid more and more attention by the manufacturers of famous brand products in various countries. Engraving gravure printing, laser holography, special ink, watermark, encryption code and other technologies have been widely used. There are special articles about these technologies. Here we introduce the anti-counterfeiting technology used in product packaging design

as a response to the rapidly growing market demand, some well-known professional anti-counterfeiting design software manufacturers in the world have introduced their mature products in the field of currency and securities design to the packaging design market after modification, so as to enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance of packaging products and product competitiveness. Using holographic trademarks, special inks and other anti-counterfeiting means, businesses need to increase additional costs, and the costs will eventually be passed on to users. However, if the method of adding children as features to the packaging design pattern is adopted, it will not only be easy to identify, but also reduce the cost. At the same time, the packaging products made by advanced professional anti-counterfeiting design software have the characteristics that it is impossible or difficult to counterfeit by cantilever hanging and swinging

famous foreign manufacturers providing professional anti-counterfeiting design software include Barco in Belgium, Jura in Hungary, etc. In addition, it is gratifying that it has provided excellent supporting services for the aluminum industry. China's domestic software has also made considerable progress in this regard

taking the professional anti-counterfeiting design software secuseal of Barco as an example, the following briefly introduces how the anti-counterfeiting design of carbon fiber composites achieves higher production efficiency in food design

1. Special grating pattern design

in the printing plate making, the continuous tone image is represented by points, so the common point shape only has several regular shapes such as circle, ellipse and square. Using the special raster software of secuseal, you can use any point shape (which can be irregular shape) designed by the user to represent the continuous tone image, and its shape can automatically change with the brightness of the original image. Any existing rip and film output device can not output any point shape. This feature is also easy to identify. Users do not need special equipment and can distinguish the authenticity with the naked eye

in addition, the traditional anti-counterfeiting pattern design is based on the density and thickness of the field lines to show the continuous tone image. All of them are hand carved, which is time-consuming and laborious. A beautiful design also needs the designer's profound artistic skills. Special raster software uses computer to simulate manual carving, which can generate line patterns in an instant

2. Fast background generation

in the traditional anti-counterfeiting process, the relief pattern is made by the relief machine tool. First, the relief pattern must be made into a model. The relief machine tool records while scanning the model. The principle is to convert the vertical movement of the control needle into the horizontal movement of the recording needle. Fast background software simulates the creation of relief patterns in this way. Of course, due to the use of computer-aided design, the scope and complexity of its creation are far from mechanical. For example, between the foreground and the background, there is not only the height of the relief, but also the change of the line width, which makes the imitator flinch

3. Crystal template

nature is a natural creation. Many beautiful patterns, such as snowflakes, crystals, and molecular structures, have been used in anti-counterfeiting design, not only because of their beauty, but also because of their complex and varied structures. However, making this pattern with ordinary DTP system is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to modify. Secuseal's crystal template provides a variety of ready-made symmetrical structures for users to choose from. What users need to do is to click the mouse, and the complex crystal structure background can be generated instantly

4. Path definition

in today's anti-counterfeiting design of currencies and securities, it has become a trend to pursue the complexity and variability of background patterns, and this trend will also be widely used in packaging design. Its principle is to use a certain figure or text as the basic structure, so that it is repeatedly arranged along the given direction or the path drawn by the user, and geometric deformation occurs at the same time. It is almost impossible for the imitator to find out the law

the above aspects only list several representative tools and their principles in the packaging anti-counterfeiting design software. Different manufacturers have different characteristics, but their basic principles are similar. Here, I hope to discuss with you how to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of products from the perspective of design and protect the legitimate interests of consumers and businesses

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