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Innovative design concept of dairy products packaging (Part I)

III. The information of dairy products packaging should have a reasonable visual process

packaging information must be divided into different levels according to the degree of importance, including near and far-sighted information, visible and invisible information, information of core and auxiliary significance, implicit meaning inside and outside the picture, etc

dairy products are daily consumables in fast-moving consumer goods, so they are updated faster, which means that there are many times for products to push through the old and bring forth the new. Many products on the shelf, and more importantly, among similar products, packaging design should have distinct visual characteristics, and can instantly stand out from a large number of products; High visual intensity and strong identifiability; But it also has a reasonable visual direction and strong readability. Because the process that customers identify the words and graphics on the product packaging is also the analysis process of purchase. If the information is disordered, so that they can not quickly identify the information, they will give up buying because they are tired of identification

IV. make the series of products of the same dairy product have strong brand recognition

the series of products of the same dairy product can complete the control function with a delicate body and abandon the PC. under the same brand recognition system, they can carry out personalized extension according to their respective product concepts. Some are color changes based on consistent graphics; Some designs are changed on the basis of uniform Hue - that is, the product packaging design of a brand has the characteristics of unity in change and change in unity. For example, under the unified symbol recognition of milk drop shape, the packaging design of a series of products of bright milk has different changes according to the molecular motion and collision theory, which is a successful case of packaging design

v. the packaging design of dairy products used in portable speaker gaskets and shells should strive to innovate while expanding the design freedom.

the packaging design of dairy products requires novelty, difference, change and difference. Only the novel design can shine a different light in many similar products. For example, in foreign "Mr. Green" liquid milk packaging, the plastic bottle itself is designed to look like Mr. Green. In order not to make Mr. Green lonely, Mrs. Green is added. In the future, there will be Green's daughter, Green's son, Green's son-in-law, Green's daughter-in-law and so on, creating a family atmosphere full of fun. Another destructive detector is Taiwan's "unified yoghurt". Because it is aimed at young women, the bottle design has a beautiful curve, just like the elegant posture of women. The selling point of the product is self-evident

the product packaging design of base dairy enterprises is very easy to have strong local color, and there is little difference between brand product packaging design. Therefore, the more similar the local brands are, the less identical the product packaging is. The product packaging of urban dairy enterprises can not take advantage of geographical resources, so the design should show people with a distinctive style. However, no matter which type of enterprise, the basic principle of packaging design "harmony produces beauty" remains unchanged. With the development of commercial economy, the increasing aesthetic level of consumers requires that packaging design must also be improved

VI. the packaging design of dairy products should follow four principles: information transmission, containment, protection and promotion

the area of dairy products available for packaging design is small. For example, liquid milk is mostly packaged in Tetra Pak, fresh house, cup, bag, bottle, etc., but there are also side or non main pictures that can be used to introduce enterprise products; Or long-term advertising; There are also promotional messages that interact with consumers. The outer packing case can also be fully utilized as a window for the dissemination of promotional information. Because packaging is the closest one-to-one information carrier to consumers, packaging has become an important part of marketing activities in the modern market with increasingly noisy media environment

for example, Yili milk redeems gifts by cutting corners of packaging; Nestle skim milk will be purchased with the "flying dragon ice park ticket" printed on the side of the fresh House package; The experience marketing activities of Mizuho fresh milk in Taiwan's unified fresh house "Mizuho fresh milk parent-child herding in New Zealand" and "Mizuho fresh milk herding in Hokkaido" are all cases of using packaging design to serve promotional activities

if excellent promotional activities follow the spirit of the brand and further communicate with consumers, the promotional messages used on product packaging undoubtedly give the brand unlimited communication space beyond the plane and pop

VII. Icon processing of complex information

in addition to the eating method of the packaging product itself, including opening, drinking, storage mode and other information, some tips for use, as well as some environmental protection signs and recyclable signs are presented in a more humanized graphic form

VIII. Dairy product packaging design should achieve the coexistence of sales force and aesthetics.

the beauty of design conforms to the natural law that can not be violated. Although the pursuit of personalization is the cultural journey of design, it is still the goal to pursue. Dairy product packaging design will gradually transition from meeting people's "use" to "expressing feelings by borrowing scenery", that is, consumers will seek their desire from packaging design; Or packaging design becomes a carrier to express individual ideas to others. Energy drinks or sports drinks containing milk are more suitable for young people's nutrition, sports and even cool than liquid milk. They can be designed more personalized - serving the needs of human life is the ultimate goal of the design

in addition to expressing the physical or chemical characteristics of dairy products such as texture and function, emotional factors also have an important, even major, impact on packaging design. For example, for yogurt or lactic acid beverage products, emotional elements are essential. The technology of yogurt is different from that of liquid milk. Various complex manufacturing processes determine the taste of yogurt. The taste change of yogurt determines that its packaging design should pay attention to the feeling. In addition to being vivid, the packaging design of infant milk powder requires a high degree of preciseness and scientificity in terms of nutritional content, eating method and suitable age. Therefore, the more humanized design is to add information to guide mothers on how to brew, water temperature, dosage, feeding method and storage. The pamphlet of auxiliary packaging will also introduce in detail the precautions for feeding infants

when the packaging design follows the marketing strategy of the product, studies and summarizes the preference characteristics and cultural background of the target consumer group, and creates an emotional atmosphere that the target group likes, it can easily design a dairy packaging with both sales force and aesthetic value

IX. evaluation criteria for a good dairy product packaging design

1) follow the packaging strategy under the marketing strategy, carefully plan, conform to the brand personality, and systematically design

2) the information is clear, and the product function is clearly expressed

3) it has unified elements: color, graphics, typesetting and font. It has strong symbolic characteristics and changes in unification

4) novel, original and full of personality, which is different from competitive brands

5) no matter how it changes, the texture of dairy products is full, clean and healthy, and has an appetite

6) the emotional appeal is clear and reasonable, and the atmosphere is targeted at the target population

7) conform to and make full use of the printing characteristics of packaging materials

8) launch festival clothes in combination with festival days, and cooperate with brand communication and promotion activities

9) product and packaging modeling design should match with brand connotation and product function

10) can play and make use of the advantages of packaging itself

in a word, the most suitable packaging design for dairy products is the best packaging design. The packaging design of dairy products can be said to be a systematic project. It should not only reflect the distinctive characteristics of enterprise products (dairy products), but also reflect the extraordinary design ability and performance ability of designers, as well as the aesthetic concept. It should not only conform to the aesthetic concept of consumers, be widely accepted by consumers, but also create the best visual impact for improving the grade of products. Therefore, as a packaging designer, we should not only have the most cutting-edge innovation concept, but also have a skilled design level, fully understand the cultural connotation of enterprise products, actively express the cultural heritage of products, make the packaging design have a sense of the times and intimacy, and try our best to be close to the times and consumers

development prospect of dairy product packaging design

the growth rate of packaging development in the future is expected to reach 20%, and large-scale and globalization are the development trends. In the future, the packaging of dairy products will be developed in the direction of low cost, safety, sanitation, convenience and environmental protection. In the future, the packaging design will be separated from the current advertising companies and other comprehensive art design departments, and become a company specialized in packaging design, or cooperate with printing and packaging manufacturers, or even guide these industries. If the industrial age has promoted packaging design, the development of packaging design will also promote the development of the industrial age. Only when the systematization of design is truly realized, can the design concept run through the whole process before and after the birth of the product, and realize the fundamental purpose of design serving life

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